Locals Restaurant Comox Valley, BC



Served daily 11- 4pm


As so many of our ingredients are sourced locally, menu items may vary depending upon availability.
Soup of the Day

Cup $7          Bowl $9           Meal size  $12


Fish Market Chowder

West Coast medley of fresh seafood and smoked candied salmon simmered in a creamy vegetable broth

Cup $9         Bowl $13         Meal size $17


Chicken & Garlic Soup

Simmered free range chicken broth with roasted garlic, herbs and Island Farms Cream

Cup $8        Bowl $12        Meal size $15

Appetizers and Salads

Organic Greens Salad         $15

Pattison Farms and Eatmore Spouts seasonal greens garnished with, fresh radishes, spring flowers, herbs, Cider Press apple cider vinaigrette and Comox Valley crab apple syrup


Heart of Romaine Caesar Salad    $15

Crispy romaine lettuce served with oven roasted garlic, capers and Natural Pastures Parmadammer cheese, and our homemade creamy Caesar dressing    Add Chicken breast or shrimp $7 

Duck Confit, Beet & Goat Cheese Salad    $18

Roasted bi-color beets and baked pure goat cheese phyllo roll served with slow cooked duck leg confit on Pattison Farms seasonal greens, roasted cashews, fresh grapes, Balsamic reduction, shallot and sherry vinegar dressing


Raclette Cheese & Apple Salad     $16

Baked Little Qualicum Cheeseworks Raclette Cheese and sautéed apples walnut crostini served on seasonal Mesclun greens with our grainy mustard vinaigrette and lavender jelly


West Coast Halibut Salad     $26 

Charbroiled fresh halibut fillet served on organic quinoa, toasted almond and sundried cranberry salad, finished with a shaved fennel, radish and orange salsa


Fresh Shrimp & Rice Salad Rolls      $18            half $13 

Fresh hand peeled shrimp and organic winter greens rice roll, served with roasted cashew pesto, ginger chili sauce and wasabi aïoli


Chicken & Vegetable Asian Rolls        $16         half $11

Vancouver Island chicken and vegetables wrapped in rice paper with ginger, arlic & Asian five spice, served on fresh local greens with homemade red plum sauce and cashew pesto


Cortes Island Mussels or Clams          $17 

Simmered in anise infused light cream with shaved fennel, roasted garlic, pickled ginger, seasonal herbs and green peppercorns


Fanny Bay Oysters       $16 

Pan seared chickpea crusted and served warm on Pattison Farms fresh organic spinach with sautéed vegetable julienne, shallot and sherry vinaigrette,. finished with homemade fennel crackers and caper berries.

Albacore Tuna Loin Tataki       $16  

West coast tuna loin seared rare, served chilled with a rice & vegetable sushi roll, soy ginger dip, chili oil, fresh wasabi aïoli and a roasted cashew coriander pesto




Sandwiches and Burgers

Served with choice of daily soup, rissolée potatoes with duck fat, Caesar or local greens salad


Mediterranean Flat Bread           $16

Baked with tomatoes, artichokes, basil and pine nut pesto, goat cheese, roasted pepper, arugula and olive tapenade


Locals Gourmet Cheeseburger       $18

Beaver Meadow Farms BC Certified Organic Beef burger served on an onion sourdough bun with caramelized onions and Natural Pastures Cheddar cheese     Add Tannadice Farm Bacon or Mushrooms $2 each


Crab & Shrimp Portuguese Bun          $19 

West coast seafood salad tossed in a citrus mayonnaise with celery, seasonal herbs, local greens and tomatoes


Locals Clubhouse Wrap           $17

Charbroiled chicken breast, Tannadice Farms bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise, wrapped with our fresh baked flat bread


Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich       $16

Natural Pastures Camembert cheese and grilled pears on Grains Bakery walnut bread, served with homemade preserves


Land Burger Trio          $17

Island Bison with caramelized onions & lavender jelly,

Minced lamb with tarragon Aïoli,

and Chicken breast with tomato Provençal


Sea Burger Trio      $17

West coast salmon fillet with wasabi aïoli,

Grilled snapper with dill sauce

Fire seared Albacore tuna with roasted cashew pesto


Tannadice Farms Pulled Pork Sandwich    $16

Slow braised pork infused with local apple juice, served on a grilled Portuguese bun with sautéed apples and caramelized onions




Lunch Entrées

West Coast Seafood Linguine         $19

Medley of white fish, candied sockeye salmon, local hand peeled shrimp, mussels and clams tossed with artisan Prontissima carrot and dill linguini in a light fresh herb and local cheese cream


Chicken Cacciatore Polenta            $17

Local chicken breast morsels sautéed with fresh quartered mushrooms, garlic, herb and tomato sauce, served with a baked cheese polenta


Potato Crusted Rockfish Fillet          $19

Pan Seared Ocean Wise Long line Lingcod topped with crisp potato crust, served on local greens with chipotle lime aïoli,with pickled daikon, scallions and carrot slaw


Baked Vegetarian Cannelloni        $17

Fresh artisan pasta filled with Natural Pastures ricotta cheese, wilted spinach and roasted vegetables, finished with a roasted pepper coulis


West Coast Crêpes           $18  

Traditional thin European crêpes rolled with wild salmon meat & local shrimp mixed, Little Qualicum Cheeseworks fromage frais, mushrooms, roasted peppers and capers, served with fresh herb cream sauce and local green salad


Thai Chicken Curry          $17

Local chicken breast morsels sautéed with fresh vegetables simmered in a Thai green coconut curry sauce, served on steamed sticky rice


Ramen Noodle Bowl        $18

Prontissima Pasta fresh noodle tossed with assorted vegetables, Miso broth and marinated seaweed, topped with your choice of pan seared pork belly, salmon fillet or tofu


Indvidual 6" Deep Dish Pizzas

Served with choice of a cup of daily soup, Caesar salad or local greens salad

Chorizo & Prosciutto Pizza           $16

Artisan spicy chorizo sausage and Prosciutto ham, tomato sauce, scallions, mushrooms, diced peppers, marinated artichokes, and baked with Natural Pastures water buffalo cheese


West Coast Seafood Pizza          $17  

Smoked candied salmon and hand peeled shrimp, local grated artisan cheese, caramelized onion, capers and fresh herb tomato sauce


Tomato, Arugula and Cheese Pizza     $15

Fresh grape tomatoes, arugula, basil and pine nut pesto, olive tapenade and caramelized onions baked with Little Qualicum Cheeseworks feta cheese


Smoked Pork Belly & Apple Pizza        $16

Gunter Brother double smoked bacon, tomato sauce, caramelized onions, spiced apples, roasted organic hazelnuts and artisan cheese