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Hello Comox Valley!!   

We are back and ready to serve you!!

In order to move forward safely during this unprecedented time, all businesses are required to have a “Unique Covid-19 Safety Plan” based upon guidelines and recommendations from Public Health, the Center for Disease Control and Work Safe BC.  


Customer Safety: We are mandated to ensure the following safety measures as per Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry:

  • Social Distancing: Customers must be able to maintain distance of 2 metres from one another unless they are in the same party.
  • Table seating: Customers must be seated so that there are at least  2 metres between the customers seated at one table and the customers seated at another table, 6 feet from the backs of occupied chairs, unless there is a rigid barrier installed.
  • Party size: No more than 6 customers seated at a table.
  • Large Parties: Maximin of 50 people at an event in a restaurant.
  • Contact Log: Contact information obtained from one member of every party/table / reservation for 30 days in the event that there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officer.
  • Wearing of face masks and / or face shields is not required at this time, but recommended if social distancing can not be maintained.

Employee Safety: We are also mandated to provide safety measures per Work Safe BC. 

Please note that some of the following guidelines exceed industry standards, as we have taken the opportunity to provide “best practice” for our customers and employees.


To return to work ALL employees agree to:

  • Signing and committing to “Locals Good Health Contract Agreement for COVID-19”
  • Following specific instructions for sanitizing, hand washing, and cleaning
  • Respecting physical distancing from guests and other staff whenever possible
  • Understanding that all personal interactions effect the health of your “work bubble”
  • Minimizing what is brought into the workplace
  • Reducing touches between serving/kitchen/cleaning teams

Customer Service Best Practice:

Hostesses, Bartenders and Servers deliver food and drinks. They only handle "clean" items and do not clear tables. Bussers are a dedicated position responsible for clearing and sanitizing tables, common surfaces, and bathrooms every 30 minutes. However, they never handle food or drink.

  • Tables- remaining clear so that utensils, glassware or plates are not sitting exposed
  • Doors- propping open whenever possible
  • Traffic flow- indicating by floor decals for 2-meter distancing and direction where needed
  • Settings- servers delivering fresh silverware in a sealed roll-up, brought on a side plate once guest seated
  • Social Distancing-  servers standing back when speaking with customers
  • Food and drink- servers resting the tray and the guest to takes drinks and pass along
  • Table touches-  servers visiting tables judiciously to reduce duration and frequency of  contact
  • Salt & Pepper- servers providing upon request 
  • Menus and Wine Lists-  bussers sanitizing after each use
  • Surfaces- bussers sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces, a minimum of every 15 minutes and as needed
  • Trays- bussers sanitized after each use
  • Bill payment –  Servers taking payments at table side preferred,
  • Payment Machine- bussers sanitizing  after each use
  • Crayons- not available during COVID -19

Kitchen Brigade Best Practice:

  • Shoes- change into work shoes at work
  • Uniforms- only fresh uniforms allowed, no street clothes in the kitchen
  • Kitchen entrance- food deliveries only, all others directed to main entrance
  • Restrict people who are not cooks from entering the kitchen area
  • Mandatory Receiving/delivery log -per Public Health Mandate
  • Social distancing- Only 1 person in tight areas, but may have more people if wearing masks

As Dr. Henry has often said  "Please be kind, please be patient as learn how to move froward in this new normal".


Ronald & Tricia St. Pierre


Eat BC recently sat down with Chef Ronald St Pierre to learn about his passion for cooking with local ingredients in the Comox Valley,

Please check out the link here to see more:  


Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Options

We are very pleased to offer many dishes for our guests with specific dietary requirements and preferences, and are noted on our menus. 

        Please discuss your dietary requirements and preferences with your server.  

Weekend Brunch

Locals brunch offers Vancouver Island Farmer Ben’s eggs, Artisan bacon and ham, local products and homemade preserves.  Rhonda Viani, our Pastry Chef, has prepared homemade savory biscuits, praline loaves and complimentary banana chocolate mini muffins.Our servers are pleased to offer your favorite cup of coffee, espresso cappuccino, latte or one of our tasty loose leave teas. The full brunch menu is available Saturday and Sunday from 10:00am until 2:00pm alongside our full lunch menu.

For our full brunch menu CLICK HERE



Locals Restaurant is wheelchair accessible. Our Main Level Dining Room and washrooms are fully accessible. Our patio has one 4" step down, and is often navigated by backing the wheelchair down the step, with assistance.  The Upper Dining Room has 3 stairs, with a very sturdy handrail.


Reservation Times-

As we make everything in house, from scratch, and to order, we wish to ensure ample time for your dining experience. Dinner reservations are accepted in 2 1/2 hour intervals. If you are running off to a show, catching a ferry, etc. please inform your server. Please note that we do not have a lounge or bar in which to wait, should you arrive early for your reservations.


Dining with Children

We welcome young diners to experience Locals cuisine earlier in the evening. As we have no deep fryer, our children’s menu is healthy and varied. The acoustics of the restaurant occasionally pose a challenge due to height of the ceilings. Should your child become noisy, we respectfully request that you respond and attempt to settle him or her. Please let your server or the hostess know if there is anything we can do to make your dining experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Crayons and coloring materials are not available during COVID-19,





We are now open!!




Open 7 Days a Week


11 am - 4 pm


A La Carte

  Saturday and Sunday   only    

10 am - 2 pm



Starting at 4 pm 


available until

9 pm

Scent Free Zone

Please help us keep the air we share healthy and fragrance-free





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