Locals Restaurant Comox Valley, BC


Childrens Menu

Dining with children-

We welcome young diners to experience Locals cuisine. As we have no deep frier, our children’s menu is healthy and varied. We recommend that you request an earlier reservation time, before the restaurant is very busy and meal times take a bit longer. The acoustics of the restaurant occasionally pose a slight challenge due to height of the ceilings. Should your child become noisy, we respectfully request that you respond and attempt to settle him or her. Please let your server or the hostess know if there is anything we can do to make your dining experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Starters $7

Cup of Cream of chicken Soup 
Assorted Vegetables and Ranch Dip 
Fresh Crispy Apple and Honey Yogurt Dip
Junior Caesar Salad

Youth Main Course $10

Baked Potatoes Wedge and Local Cheese Curd Poutine - Gluten Free

Potato - Crusted Chicken Pot Pie - Gluten Free

Baked Breaded Almond Fish Stick with Dill Sauce

Junior Beef Burger Sliders with Butter Pickles

BC Candy Salmon and Cheese Wrap


Served with your choice of roasted potatoes, house green salad or Caesar salad

Pizza and Pasta $10

Macaroni and Cheese

Elbow Pasta with Tomato Sauce and topped with cheese

Elbow Pasta Alfredo with Chicken

Tomato sauce & Cheese Pizza

Chicken and Broccoli Pesto Pizza

Desserts $6

Junior  Caramel Apple Parfait with Oat Crumble

Chocolate Cake with Mousse and Hazelnut Praline

Frozen Dark Chocolate Dipped Banana Lollipop

Caramel Sauce Vanilla Ice Cream Parfait


Open 7 Days a Week


11 am - 4 pm


A La Carte

  Saturday and Sunday   only    

10 am - 2 pm



Starting at 4 pm 


available until

9 pm

 Please call



Dinner on Saturday,

June 20th 

for a private function


Scent Free Zone

Please help us keep the air we share healthy and fragrance-free





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